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Best Dating Apps for Asians. 1. Elite Singles – Best Overall Asian Dating App. Our number one pick for the overall best Asian dating app is actually a mainstream dating app option 2. This is currently the largest South Asian dating site, sporting 10,’s of registered users and tons of heart warming success stories. They cater to South Asians looking for 1. Match BEST OF Founded in , Match has become the largest, most successful dating site on the web — with over 2. EliteSingles BEST OF Elite Singles should be your go-to Leading Asian dating app with over million members. Ratings 5K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads. Free In App Purchases Editor's Choice. Free In-App Purchases. 2 Ad Million+ Gorgeous Singles Online. Trusted Site Backed By Cupid Media ... read more

Top apps for Social. Online dating app to meet Asian singles, chat and date. Video dating awaits! Free Feature Rich In App Purchases Editor's Choice. Expert Boost your search for singles! Register and browse profiles for hundreds of Asian girls and guys for free With over 20 million members and 1. Sep 12, By paul fraser neish Fraser. They charge far to much to read a letter they charge 12 dollars au to send a letter they charge you 12 dollars au then sometimes when you buy twenty credits they charged me twenty for one letter not good and you can't pass your details to anyone your talking but its up to you if you want to more.

Sep 9, By john lonigan. The most beautiful girls I have ever seen before in my life.. they all are just so sweet and nice.. if you just say hi!! You will have 10 brand new best friends.. you have to check this out.. I'm on this site everyday talking to the sweetest girl I've ever met.. Sep 8, By Robert Hoskins.

Best website I ever experienced the women here are very open and very interactive and most willing to skillfully please showing more interest in their own individual way than I've ever experienced, undeniably unbeatable. I come to this website often and leave refreshed feeling so loved and having enjoyed so much flirty fun, their wishes are genuine, their desire to share love and to find good in this life is strong and solid.

I only wish I had known them personally years ago I would be married👍 more. Jul 25, By Shadow Wolf. Its good in general but when you have to spend money to just continue talking to someone thats really uncool.

So of you developers can change that than I'll consider giving it a five star but till than its going to be 4 stars, please fix this soon. Thanks more. Jul 2, By Kami Tenchi. You get 3 stars because some of the ladies on this site are real and serious. But the problem is why are the credits so expensive? Even if I did purchase it.

It will just run out again as almost everything I do cost a credit. I would rather do 1 month subscription and be free to anything I want than spend credits.

I'm finally getting to meet someone and now I can't because of credits issue. You need to do alot of changes.

Jul 31, By Jef John. Tried of emails from 20 year olds and 30 year olds. Not what I signed up for. I signed up for 40 to 60 year olds. I get more mail from younger. So cause of this I'm deleting the app. By Angelina Hathaway. This app is a scam and waste of time and storage; I tried to make my account and it's not letting me log-in no matter what, I tried always! Aug 19, By justin raju.

Good one but money loss That's why I can't activate Poor once can't use this app Or message to her matches. By Nick. Asteri solutions has a long rich history of ripping people off then remove the app or simply changing the name. It's a scam. Don't waste your time. They will add your bio to other apps to fill out the numbers. If there was ever a company that was more dishonest I can't think of one.

Why are the majority of your five start reviews from people like "Google user? By Kevin Peterson. Not going good. Your app site isn't working it's not letting me save anything etc especially of girls I like. Aug 20, By Carl Hankins. It does use up your money and I've never had a full conversation with anyone. Aug 7, By Dub Xkluziv.

No real people all automated no search or browse feature it's just boring and looking for money to message bots 😴. Top 3 vs Worst 3 Features. in-app products. LoveInAsia - Asian Dating AimDate LLC Dating. Asian Dating mobile app with unlimited messaging. Free Fresh In App Purchases. Mar 10, By Matt. May 6, By Barry Watts.

Alot of free you can do here which is great. The fakeness of people on here.. Wow, easily 90percent. Sep 15, By Michael Wal. Aug 6, By tammy tester. Jan 12, By MILLION NO COPYRIGHT. Dec 5, By Lawrence Owen. mostly real a few fakes but for the most part everything seems fine. Nov 10, By dan schertz. lots of women from many different places. easy to use. Oct 23, By Gray's Kitchen. you get a few scammers but if you're persistent you can find what you are looking for.

Jan 14, By edrin sanbuenaventura jr. Apr 29, By SnowGoddess Missy. There r some same old familiar faces posted here, whereby their pics r stolen by scammers. Usually these r entrepreneurs, who got social media accts as professional online. Most of the seniors onboard r old n haggard. Mar 19, By Maria Cristina.

Bad app and even worse team. My account was terminated for supposed broken terms and conditions. I wasn't notified which terms or conditions I'm breaking I wasn't breaking any nor given the chance to correct said supposed error. Deleted my account without even a prior notice. There's no contact support but you'll be deleted at their discretion more.

Feb 27, By Carlos Coffey. Nothing but scammers. Not a single female wants a relationship. They want you to chat off site don't get banned on site.

Feb 5, By Danissa Marga. DON'T DOWNLOAD IT! I can not sign up even i already completed and fill all data's on form registration. they only want to collects your personal data's and scams you.. Jan 6, By Aurora Bliss. Not what it displays for be. No real way to delete your account either.

Wouldn't even give it 1 atar. No reviews available See All Expert Reviews. No reviews available See all 2 reviews. Similar to LoveInAsia - Asian Dating. Expert Put yourself out there in more than a photo! Unlike other dating websites, Asian Mingle uses video profiles so you can be seen for real Finding a date, meeting new friends, chatting and dating has never been so easy - and it's totally free New Flash Chat feature sends videos, pics, and chat messages that automatically delete themselves after a certain amount of time more.

Oct 7, By Kristian Everett. Asian Mingle is the best Asian chat app I have used so far. So far as a free user, I have been able to make contact with several matches and have not been forced to pay to continue chatting. With the coins I collect from Lucky Spins and the occasional video, I can keep in touch with a few lovely ladies from the vary many this site has to offer. I will definately try a 3 or 6 month membership.

To the developers: Thankyou for entertaining my Asian interests. Keep up the good work👍😊 more. Mar 26, I have been using for 3 days.

Excellent app up till now. Now I can't open the app. It tries loading and then a window pops up which says there was an error. I have been closing the app and trying to restart it but it doesn't work. I've even restarted phone and reconnected to the internet. Still nothing. It has been like this for hours more. Its a good app. Lots of contact and messages. People are polite. Fake contacts get taken down quick.

This might lead to more realistic friends closer to home. You get daily free coins. Some ads but there not many. Feb 7, Great app! Also when txting or filling in profile info, if someone "likes" you it interrupts the txt you are writing and you lose info. Thats why 4 star instead of five. Overall great app for meeting Asian women; Thanks! Dec 4, Not a bad app to be honest. Cheap easy to use. The biggest problem are how many fake accounts there are.

And yes I have reported the but I keep seeing the same one pop up just with a different name. Offer free texting if you match with someone. Jul 4, By Tom Thumb. Upgrades not better for user, no more spinning wheel, less likely to see fans now for free , so upgrades are no advantage for users. May 2, By Natash. Scammers and bots from i guess China. After paid subscription ends I'll be leaving this app. Not worth the money at it's current state.

Jul 3, By Peter Wolf. why would anyone pay for something not working and no reply nor. onterest from your team? time passes, not fixing anything, reports of fake profiles also still there, no answer about the bugs, seems you cannot handle it at all some bugs never get solved, the filter doesn't work properly and after feedback sent many times no answers and now another bug as the matching system also gone bananas and u want us to pay?

thanks for never answering more. Apr 25, Since the last update I don't recommend it any more.. Free coins are getting less and less. And also I can not read any profile anymore. While this is the most important thing, to see if you can be matched with somebody and send a hi, which cost you 50 coins.

It's a pity, used this with pleasure before. Aug 22, By Sarn Loon. Worst of all app. Every steps needed u to Payup. What's the use if needed must as well join well supported genuine dating sites locally. By Muhmmad Asif. Very bad experiance now.

Earliest there were good features to spin and earn coins but now you have focused more on charges than what customers want. Aug 8, By Ali Niks. Fourth time they made me retake a non fake photo for Identification. And banned my whole profile. That's definitely descrimation! Jul 18, By Syed Ahmad. It was the best app before the update. But now I can't see who viewed my profile anymore and for that I am giving 1 star.

I HOPE THEY FIX IT AGAIN LIKE BEFORE. Jul 7, By Dry Reckson. I gave thi app 1 star as they are failing me to mingle because of photos or vedios.. i have only 3 photos in my phone. Similar to Asian Mingle: Dating in Asia. Japan Dating: Meet Singles Innovation Dating Apps Social. Dating app to meet, chat, date local Japanese women and Asian singles nearby.

Expert Tons of friendly new singles! Connect with Japanese locals or people in Japan, or just learn more about the Japanese community Totally safe and harassment-free!

Watch videos on profiles and Like them - if they Like you back, then you can chat further, not before Upload your own videos to show your personality, make fans and friends, and build a network of super-cool Japanese people just like you more.

Dec 16, I think it is a great app, because it allows you to actually talk with people for free, and it's not being bothersome like other apps. The commercials are then acceptable with how everything else is handled.

And the matching system works pretty nicely too. It may take a little bit to get matches but after a while things change. You just gotta also remember to spin that wheel or whatever. App is pretty good all in all, just wish I didn't have to spend coin to see who favorited me. But I can't complain too much, I'm able to openly communicate with people I match with. Sadly, I'm having to uninstall the app because I have very limited space on my phone. Will more than likely reinstall when I upgrade my phone.

Aug 13, By Sari Alkawamleh. Please keep up with the good work ,really its an honest ,serious app that eye can not miss ,keep on the track May 12, By Aj Adkins. It's a good app and works well the main problem I have with it is it seems to have an insane amount fake accounts even when they have been verified.

Dec 15, I thought buying coins unlocks all those views and likes I cant see for however long it is for that price so I bought without thinking. I can only send more messages to matches. So I guess we must get the full package at 6 months at least before we can unlock everything? Something is misleading or not made clear enough. Great app. Great idea. More options are there if we upgrade. Please sort out the fakes. Your verification pictures clearly dont work right.

Dec 1, Good day. This app is pretty cool but it drains my phones memory to the point where I cannot use it. Can you please convert the coding for a pc version we can download and use? I know it will take time to do it. It would be really awesome to have an android version and a standalone pc version. I have download BlueStacks but the thing keep crashing.

So can't use that either. I'll give it 4 stars I'd give 5 if it weren't draining my phones memory. There are no other problems with it. Good app.

By Jester Observer. This application could use extra features. Such as this "annoyance" at best which is un favoriting, un like, ended up accidently liking some women, and apparently gay japan man? Could you please update your app, otherwise I will just ignore mistaked likes! Also A profile block button would be nice addition to your app as well. Good luck! Better than japanCupid!

Oct 15, There a lot of very beautiful females, which was a shock, lmf. The app froze up a couple times trying to write messages to women that I likely won't find again. I had to uninstall it. I can't have that alert constantly sounding.

You can definitely meet great women with this app. Awesome app filled with angelic beautiful girls who's also looking for LOVE. Jul 24, By Mbackeh Jabbi. There are lots of flaws with this app. Poorly developed. Someone send you mail, you can't delete the messages but either block the individual or report them. That's wrong and unfair. As a paid member, I should be able view all messages sent to me even if I did not match with that individual. On the profile section, it needs tons of improvements.

Finally there are lots of fake accounts who are only there to sell Crypto-currency more. Aug 26, By Norman Kim Navarrete. This app is basically useless. You need to pay just to see your Fans. Will uninstall and never gonna use this app again. Aug 18, By Marika Kopr. Very upsetting. I uploaded my photos, then I hid my profile RIGHT AWAY because I did not want to deal with messages at this very moment.

Minutes later, it says that my profile was reported. With over 10 billion profile views since wow! Additionally, the site has a lot of international singles making it a good option for people looking to date across borders. But if you really want to dive into the culture and meet someone internationally, this is a great starting point.

With nearly 5 million members locally and globally , AsianDating. com is an easy pick to put on our list. In fact, with the recently growing size of the userbase, you may see them move up our ranking list in the coming months. While relatively small, EME Hive formerly EastMeetEast is working hard to be the new and trendy Asian dating app in the United States. With good results out of the gate, there is definitely a lot of promise here. However, the site is still fairly new and fairly small, which means it still has some work to do in order to move up on our rankings list.

Still, quality is good enough to make the list! And while their website may look a little dated, their results are not. As you can see, our list of the best Asian dating apps is a healthy mix of niche Asian-only dating apps and mainstream anyone is welcome dating apps. So, which is better for you? One of the biggest misconceptions is that niche dating apps have more singles that match a particular ethnicity than on a mainstream dating app.

Often, this is the case because mainstream dating apps have more money and resources to market to bigger groups of people. This means more features, more singles, and more opportunities to connect. Now, this comes with a few caveats. The one exception to this, though, is that these sites do tend to attract people who are not Asian but are looking to date Asians. Where Asian niche apps do come in handy is with international dating. Overall, for most people looking to date, mainstream apps will be superior to Asian niche apps as you can see reflected in our best of list.

Why on Earth did we choose these options as the best Asian dating apps on the planet? Great question! Here are four of the main reasons why. These are not all the reasons, but it should start to give you an idea of what we value in the decision-making process. Our list of the best Asian dating apps only includes apps that have been around for a while. Members have been using these platforms for years and know they work well.

From their websites to unaffiliated places across the web, you can find members boasting about their experiences finding love through these apps. Many of these sites have been around for decades. For example:. Nobody wants to waste time doing anything, especially something like online dating. For that reason, we do a lot of testing when it comes to efficiency, features, matchmaking processes, apps, and more with these options. Online dating is great as long as you are safe.

The sites on our list of the best Asian dating apps take the safety of their members seriously. Some of the things we look for include:. While we do have some casual options on the list, the majority of these options are aimed at singles looking to get to know someone on more than just a physical level.

Dating for Asian people has never been easier. Find Asian men and women with a great dating app specifically for Asian dating. Apps for dating for Asian people are dating services that are specifically made for those who are interested in meeting people from Asia or from Asian descent as romantic interests. Reviewed by Kaylin on May 3, Forgot password?

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Recommended App Content. Find Love Meet New People Enjoy Life. Find Love. Show More. Meet New People.

Spend Less Money. Explore the World. Enjoy Life. Have Delicious Drinks. Popular Keywords in Dating. tinder bumble pof hinge okcupid badoo plenty of fish match. com blin. gy coffee meets bagel dating zoosk hot or not tagged seeking arrangement hook up her tender feeld clover beetalk online dating blendr happn eharmony wild ashley madison soul swipe sugar daddy date hookup christian mingle random chat anonymous chat pure woman interrupted chat with strangers sudy anti chat elite singles threesome naughty date chispa black people meet hily jswipe dil mil raya.

Popular Bundles in Romance. New Bundles in Romance. App Bundles by Life Goals. Featured Apps by Category. Top Apps in Dating. Bumble - Dating. Bizz 4. Badoo - Dating. Dating and Chat - SweetMeet 3. PURE Hookup - anonymous dating 4. Chispa: Dating App for Latinos 4. Dating with singles - iHappy 3. Hily - Dating. Make Friends. Dating and Chat - Evermatch 4. No paid promotions. Our experts rank apps authentically using our algorithm. Learn how.

Share 34 Save 42 Saving. Save About Dating for Asian People Apps for dating for Asian people are dating services that are specifically made for those who are interested in meeting people from Asia or from Asian descent as romantic interests. Read More About Dating for Asian People. AsianDating: Asian Dating Cupid Media Dating. Leading Asian dating app with over 4. Free In App Purchases Editor's Choice. About the App. Filter Reviews Edit Your Review Write a Review. All Positive Negative Community Expert 5 4 3 2 1.

Expert Make friends and meet amazing people with a 2. Create and edit your profile completely on your mobile phone, no computer required more. Jun 25, By Marcus Bell. I paid for the gold subscription.

I had a pretty huge problem with my account not upgrading though. After a few messages back and forth the customer service helped me and got my profile upgraded. So the customer service is amazing and do their job well. Plenty of girls are on the site and it's easy to use. Wish it wasn't so expensive. The price tag is probably the worst thing about this site. May 19, By OldSchool. I was worried about using this app.

Because all the people say its full of scammers.

Best Dating Apps for Asians,Electronics Apps

Leading Asian dating app with over million members. Ratings 5K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads. Free In App Purchases Editor's Choice. Free In-App Purchases. 2 1. Match BEST OF Founded in , Match has become the largest, most successful dating site on the web — with over 2. EliteSingles BEST OF Elite Singles should be your go-to Best Dating Apps for Asians. 1. Elite Singles – Best Overall Asian Dating App. Our number one pick for the overall best Asian dating app is actually a mainstream dating app option 2. Ad Million+ Gorgeous Singles Online. Trusted Site Backed By Cupid Media This is currently the largest South Asian dating site, sporting 10,’s of registered users and tons of heart warming success stories. They cater to South Asians looking for ... read more

As of right now, the best Asian dating apps are Elite Singles, eHarmony, Zoosk, and AsianDating. Sep 8, I also have a power account. Most of the response you get from the people working for the website is report scammers and they will deal with it. I can understand the need of money to maintain the website. Forgot password? Apr 25,

The cost of these apps varies based on the site you choose and the level of membership you seek. DON'T DOWNLOAD IT! Spend Less Money. Sign Out. You could try and find cultural meetups in your city, try and get your friends to hook you up, or frequent bars and restaurants that you know cater to the Asian persuasion, but that was really it.